As per the Articles of Association of BMSRS:

  1. The Society is declared to consist of unlimited number of members.
  2. Membership grades and related definitions/rules:

a)  The Society shall consist of the following grades of members:

• Fellow of the Society (at least 15 years of professional experience and relevant post graduate degree)

• Full Member of the Society (5-14 years of professional experience and relevant post graduate degree

• Associate Member of the Society (1-4 years of professional experience and relevant graduate/post-graduate degree)

• Student Member of the Society (relevant undergraduate or post-graduate students)

• Organization Affiliates (also called corporate members) of the Society (any organization with interest in social and or marketing research and consulting)

b)  Fellow, Full and Associate members shall have similar voting rights and facilities. Student and Affiliate Organization members shall not have voting rights

c)  Fellow and Full members shall be given preference in election or selection as Council and Special Committee members

d)  No application shall be considered for membership of the Association, unless two Full members or one Fellow member recommends the application

e)  Any individual or organization willing to become a member of the Society, must apply for membership by submitting a duly filled prescribed application form to the General Secretary of the Society

f)  Regarding admission of a new member, the decision of the Council shall be final. The Council shall not be liable to give any explanation regarding rejection of any application

g)  Each member shall pay the admission fee and annual subscription at the rate determined by members with voting rights in the General Meeting of the Society.

h)  The Council may, from time to time, propose revision of the rates to the general meeting for approval. At present the following rates shall apply:

Membership Grade                       Annual Subscription

Fellow                                               Taka 10,000.00

Full                                                    Taka 10,000.00

Associate                                           Taka 4,000.00

Student                                             Taka 1,000.00

Affiliate Organization                      Taka 50,000.00

i)  For the purpose of paying the annual subscription, a financial year shall be the period from 1st January to 31st December of each calendar year. All members shall pay the annual subscription on or before 31st January every year. Members may pay the same after 31st January with a late fee of 10% of the annual subscription for each month or part thereof.

Failure to pay an annual subscription within the first three months of a calendar year will automatically cancel the membership, and readmission, subject to approval by the Council, shall be required

j)  A member having dues to the Society may withdraw from the Society by giving three months advance notice in writing to the General Secretary of her/his intention to do so and upon expiration of such notice s/he shall cease to be member of the Society

k)  Member shall cease to be a member of the Society, if s/he:

  • does not pay the annual subscription as per the relevant section of the Articles of Association
  • has withdrawn membership as per relevant section of the Articles of Association
  • has been found by the Council to be guilty of breaching the professional code of conduct of the Society
  • is convicted of any offence by the judiciary of the country
  • is clinically proven mentally unsuitable for membership of the Society

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An organization affiliate/corporate member shall enjoy the following benefits:

An Organization affiliate will not only be supporting a socially responsible cause, but also enjoy the following benefits:

1. Visibility of  organization’s name/logo on all materials published by BMSRS;

2. Participation of up to five delegates (at a time) from the organization in all locally conducted professional events of BMSRS at no extra charge;

3. Inception support/further training of  organization’s executives engaged in procuring and/or using marketing or social research services;

4. Free participation of two delegates per year from the organization in International events (excluding travel and accommodation);

5. Any other benefits that an organization would like to negotiate with the Society.